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Track compliance, reduce loss, get organized, and gain control of your assets

FlexxAsset Features

Cloud Based

Web based. Always on. If you’re online you’re connected to your assets from anywhere on any device.

Document Organization

Store your documents and organize them by asset or related activity. Keep track of any documents you need and access them anywhere.

Be Compliant

Assign inspection or certification schedules to types of assets and ensure your compliance.

Flexible Configuration

No matter your industry FlexxAsset can be configured to meet your needs and align with your process.

Track Location

Track assets by branch, location, job number, or your own custom field. Flexible data fields that meet your needs.

Track Repairs

Track the history of asset maintenance and related documentation. Enhance your asset maintenance initiatives.

Track Certifications

Prevent certified equipment from being used. Track and warn employees of violations related to your assets.

Track Transfers

Track the movement of assets between your branches and collections.

Maintain Structures

With FlexxAsset create custom collections of assets. Manage and track the components of larger sets of assets asset.

Access Control

Restrict view and edit functions by branch. Show your staff assets available to them and prevent them from changing data in other branches.

Utilization Reporting

Track the time your assets are used vs unused by utilizing check-in/check-out feature.


Need more? Systems integrations, special features, offline modules? We provide these additional services.

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