FlexxCore Technology Solutions


Empower, protect, and manage your board activities in a modern cloud platform

Designed with your board members in mind, FlexxBoard makes meetings, task management, documentation and communication simple and secure from any mobile device.

FlexxBoard Features

Efficient Effective Meetings

Using FlexxBoards meetings modules the team can build an agenda, produce meeting minutes, capture decisions, assign and track tasks all related to the minutes being captured. Built in approval workflows and minute templates reduce administrative time in preparation of a board meeting.

Protect And Manage Documents

Your boards documents and communication is private. FlexxBoard takes every effort to protect your information by utilizing 2 form authentication and modern security tools. Documents can be linked to agendas and tasks to connect the dots for new board members and administrators.

Modern Communication Tools

By driving communication into FlexxBoard and out of the inbox communications become more transparent. Historical conversations and information stay within FlexxBoard as member’s change. Alert tools allow members engage in conversations outside of scheduled meetings.

Check out the FlexxBoard website to see how we can help empower, protect, and manage your board activities.

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