If you haven’t heard of us yet, here’s a bit about us:

As a leading IT and software solutions provider, we develop intuitive software solutions designed to maximize efficiency, facilitate productivity and optimize the workflows of organizations globally. From large oil and gas companies and non-profits to small legal and corporate firms, our streamlined solutions simply, and profoundly, improve how organizations work, without changing the way they work.

Our products – FlexxLegal, FlexxAsset, and FlexxBoard – are unique, and help businesses maximize the potential of their software by making information more organized, accessible, shareable, and actionable.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

FlexxLegal is a legal document management software that stores client data and research work in such a way that it is organized, secure, and easily accessible. Work smarter, not harder, by optimizing your workflow, saving on costs, and finding what you need, when you need it.

FlexxAsset is a “no pain, all gain” asset management software used to track compliance, reduce loss, and gain control of your organization’s assets. FlexxAsset can be seamless integrated into your current systems, allowing you to reduce admin workload and ensure compliance with little disruption to operations.

FlexxBoard is a Board management portal that empowers, protects, and manages Board activities on a modern cloud platform. It makes meetings, task management, documentation and communication simple and secure from any device, letting you capture minutes and get approvals fast with built-in templates and workflows.

We’ve recently launched a new website, as well as product-specific websites, to help businesses like yours see the unique value behind our software solutions. Take a moment to explore our new sites, maybe bookmark us, and be sure to check back regular for news, industry insight, and more information on what we at FlexxCore are all about.
If you have any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Stay tuned.