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Designed with Board members in mind, FlexxBoard is a flexible cloud-based solution that makes meetings, task management, documentation and communication simple and secure from any mobile device. Empower, protect, and manage Board activities with modern, mobile and flexible tools that make the complex, simple.

Quick Search. Quick Results.

Access all of your Boards in one single, secure location, and with one account. Be more efficient with quick and easy access to everything you need.

Streamlined Workflows

Capture minutes and get approvals quicker with built-in templates, workflows, and information that is more accessible, shareable, and actionable.

Save on Cost

Spend less time and money capturing minutes, and more time completing tasks. Work smarter, not harder, with the flexibility between paper and paperless processes.

One Click Away

Read minutes and see your tasks securely from your mobile device, whenever and wherever you need it, with FlexxBoard’s cloud-based software.

Safe and Secure

Documents remain private with 2-form authentication and modern security tools. Be more transparent and secure by moving conversations out of the inbox, and onto FlexxBoard.

All in One Place

Why waste time searching for meeting dates and wondering if you have any outstanding tasks? Improve productivity with a dashboard that lets you and all Board members have conversations and see all meetings in one convenient place.


FlexxBoard’s intuitive functionality allows you to securely assign, complete and hide tasks so you know what’s on your to-do list, as well as Board member’s to-do list. With modern security tools like two-factor verification, DocuSign and access controls, the security and integrity of your information is a sure-fire.

Improve Workflow Management

Easily schedule new meetings and set agendas with an intuitive user interface. See all your meetings in one place, including your pending meetings, scheduled meetings, and even past meetings. Efficiency at its finest, all in one convenient location.

A Streamlined Team Effort

User-friendly, FlexxBoard allows you to add new resolutions for selected members, enter deadlines for response, and see all pending resolutions in one place for quick action. No more need to scan through emails, memos, and hard copies – enjoy having all conversations in one easy location.


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