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For law firms looking to enhance workflow optimization, reduce costs and have real-time access to minute books and client documents, FlexxLegal is the solution. Our intuitive legal document management software helps you become more productive by improving how you work, without completely changing the way you work.

Find What You Need, Fast

Put your minute books in order in one secure digital location. Be more efficient with quick and easy access to everything you need.

Reduce admin workload

Understand what’s in each of your minute books in real-time with a software solution that makes information more organized, accessible, shareable, and actionable.

Tighten Your Belt

Less printing and less storage means you save money on minute books. Work smarter, not harder, with the flexibility between paper and paperless processes.

Always Within Reach

Give your clients secure access to their minute books, whenever and wherever they need it, with FlexxLegal’s cloud-based software.

For Your Eyes Only

Your documents remain private with 2-form authentication and modern security tools. FlexxLegal also includes DocuSign, a secure and official electronic signature for paperless processes.

Stay In One Place

No longer do you have to organize your information in large cumbersome binders, and store them in crowded file rooms. Quickly search and access any minute book document in one place and without leaving your desk. Spend less time searching, more time getting work done.

Be Safe and Secured

The security and integrity of your information is ensured with modern security tools like two-factor verification, Docusign, and access controls that put you in charge. You set the privileges, allowing only those you invite to access information. With FlexxLegal’s intuitive software, you can feel confident that your data is secure.

Streamline Your Workflows

Become more organized and get more work done with a dashboard that prioritizes your tasks, and tracks client documents as well as ongoing communications. Simplify tasks and optimize your workflow with a software solution that’s designed to be simple and easy to use.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Your clients and their accountants can conveniently view, edit, and sign their documents securely, saving them time, effort, and money. FlexxLegals’s cloud-based software enables you and your clients to access information anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device, giving you access when you need it most.


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