Key Features

Signature Capture

FlexxLegal allows you to electronically send out signature requests. With DocuSign, you’re able to instantly send and receive signed documents, track the status of signatures, and send out reminders if needed.

Cloud-Based Access

Cloud-based software means that both you and clients have secure access to minute books, whenever and wherever you need it.

Minute Book Organization

Put your minute books in order in one secure digital location. Be more efficient with quick and easy access to everything you need.

Workflow Improvement and Collaboration

FlexxLegal is more than just a document portal. With built-in workflows and real-time software, FlexxLegal makes collaboration between lawyers, accountants and bankers efficient and effective.

Client Engagement

Show your clients that you value their time by granting them access to this modern and easy-to-use portal. Frequent interactions through the use of FlexxLegal lead to multifaceted relationships. Drive user adoption through simplicity.

Paper or Paperless

Less printing and less storage means you save money on minute books. Work smarter, not harder, with the flexibility between paper and paperless processes.

2-Factor Authentication

Keep your documents secure and private with 2-factor authentication and modern security tools. A functional audit trail allows you to easily track contributions and changes to books, and manage access.

Real-Time Information

Understand what’s in each of your minute books in real-time with a software solution that makes information more organized, accessible, shareable, and actionable. Information is up-to-date, and accessible.


Bill and accept payments right in FlexxLegal.


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